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CupCake Waterfalls Card - by Elaine

May 07, 2023

CupCake Waterfalls Card - by Elaine

Hi! I am Elaine and I am very honored to be a guest designer for Gerda Steiner Designs.  My card features a new release ~ Cupcake Mice GSD827. 

The birthday cards you can make with this fabulous set are endless.

I started this card with a 4 ¼” x 5 ½” white card stock layered with a 4” x 5 ¼” piece of pink card stock topped with a 3 ¾” x 5” piece of patterned paper. 

That’s the base.

I cut 4 pieces of white card stock 2 ½” x 2 ½”  and 4 pieces of pink card stock 2 ⅞” x 2 ⅞” .  On my white pieces I stamped the following:

1. Make a wish”

2. Blowing mouse with the cupcake and candle. (On this piece I cut off the flame and repositioned it straight.)

3. The blowing mouse and cupcake with candle.

4. The blowing mouse with the cupcake and candle where I cut the flame off and drew in smoke.  Then I attached those pieces to the pink squares.

For the waterfalls mechanism I cut a piece of white card stock 2 ½’ x 8 ¾” which is then scored in four places: at 4 ⅜” , 4 ⅞” , 5 ⅜” and 5 ⅞ “.  Now fold this piece in half with the scored side facing up.  Put glue on the top ½ scored section only and attach the make a wish square, centering it. Once it is adhered gently pull the bottom part of the mechanism down exposing the next scored ½ inch section.  Add glue and attach the next square with the mouse and cupcake with the candle and flame straight up, lining it up with the first square.  Again pull on the lower part of the mechanism exposing the scored ½ square and attach your third square.  Finally after you have pulled the bottom part again you want to attach your last square by just putting a line of glue on the top and sticking down your last image.  The top part of your mechanism is complete and should line up with the bottom unscored part when folded in half.  I then added my pull tab on the back of the unscored pull.

To assemble, cut a 1” x 4 ¼” strip of pink card stock and put glue on both edges, leaving the center opart unglued.  Attach it ¾” from the bottom of the card base.  Taking your mechanism piece, open it up and slip the unscored half behind the crossbar.  When you have centered it and lined the top of the mechanism with the first strip, lift it up and add glue to the part of the strip which is below the last square and press it onto the strip.  This keeps the waterfall part in place and allows you to pull exposing your images.  You  can bend your pull instructions a little up to make it easier to pull and you can stamp your birthday wishes on the  pull or on the back.  

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