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Blending Chart for you!

Hey there,

finding the right colors to blend can be tricky.

One day you've the perfect combination of colors and they blend wonderfully.
But as soon as you've sent the card off, it might be really hard to remember, which color combination worked so well. 🤨

Maybe you've already your own nifty tricks to keep track of this info but I thought you might find some value in a Blending Chart. This Blending Chart is a fun way to keep track of your favorite color mixes but it's also a great playground to just try how colors blend

To use the blending chart:

1. Simply download the Blending Chart PDF
2  Print it out, (I do recommend a laser printer if you color with markers but an inkjet Printer works too,  if you are careful)
3. Make notes of your favorite blending combinations! 😍

I hope you'll find this chart valuable! 😃
Enjoy the rest of your day!